Parents Meeting Sunday 20th January

Brentwood Swimming Club has a long history and it is a swimming club managed and run by the Parents for the Swimmers and we need your help. The present committee has been in place for a little over six months and in that time we have completed and launched the new web site, put the e-mail alert on-line, reorganised the squad structure and training programme and got to grips with who is attending the pool, what sessions they should be in and what payments should be received, and we also and run a small club gala.

Moving forward we are just about to launch an advertising campaign to attract more swimmers into the club. We have also joined the Essex Mini League, which we hope will encourage club membership and incentives our young swimmers. We are also hoping to hold a presentation evening for all those swimmers who took part in our winter Club Championships and we would like to approach all of the junior school in the area and year 7 intakes to the senior schools and encourage them to advertise the club to their students.

All of this cannot happen without your input and participation and I would like to invite you to a Parents meeting on Sunday 20th January at the Brentwood Centre in the Swimming Gallery at 6 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to give you the opportunity to hear from the head coach on what he is trying to achieve, and to give you the opportunity to meet each other, and together I would like to discuss the future plans for our club.

If there is to be a future, we must increase the membership and put some life back into club activities. The Mini league will need a team manager and one parent has stepped forward to take on this role, but they will need three or four more people to help through the year. At the end of the year as part of the Mini league entry criteria we will need to hire a pool and hold a full mini league gala and for this we will need your help. We also need some help with the advertising and accessing the schools, some fund rising would be great and we need to look to the future members of the committee for next year.

In addition, when we attend a gala we are obliged to provide two officials. At present there are only two officials in the club, so we would be really pleased to hear from anyone who would like to get involved on pool side.

Tuesday and Sundays are main club nights and it would be great to see more parents coming into the gallery to say hello. I look forward to meeting you all.

For and on behalf of the committee.


David Smith, Chairman Brentwood S.C.

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