Chairman's Letter

Following on from the AGM on 19th May 2013, I have taken over the role of Chairman of Brentwood Swimming Club, and want to give you an update about the status of the club.

Before I do that I would just like to thank David Smith and his Committee team for all their hard work over the last few years and to thank the parents who have volunteered to take up the vacant positions on the Committee in order that the club can continue.  (A list of the new Committee is on the notice board, photos to follow).

In the last week we have held a meeting to discuss the way forward and several actions have already being implemented from that meeting.

1.     Child Safety

a.     With regards to childs safety with immediate effect we have implemented a register for each session which will be completed either by the coaching staff or a Committee member (please see copy of the register on the Notice Board).

b.     Our new Welfare Officer (Jon Gold) is currently drawing up a new code of conduct for members, parents, coaching staff and Committee, outlining responsibilities and roles.

c.    We have also arranged a mandatory fire /poolside alarm exercise with Brentwood Leisure Trust and this will take place on Tuesday 11th June, at 6 pm, so if children could stay in their clothes for the start of that session.  This is going to be run by Andy the Pool Manager.

d.     In conjunction with Brentwood Leisure Trust a Lifeguard will remain pool side until the arrival of one of the BSC coaches at the start of each session.  However, if any parent see’s children poolside without an adult present please be proactive in going poolside to supervise and let BLT staff and Committee know as soon as possible.

e.  Please ensure your child is registered with the ASA and has a ASA number, if you are unsure please liaise with a committee member  or contact the ASA via their web site

2.     Club Protocol Following on from the meeting the general feeling is that we need to promote the club in a more professional and visual way especially at the Brentwood Centre where there could be potential new members.  To this end we strongly encourage all members on evening swim sessions to attend wearing club T-shirts/hoodies, likewise all Committee Members attending evening sessions will wear club t-shirts so they are identifiable to current parents and any potential new ones.

3.     Club Captains The Committee are very keen to re-introduce a Club Captain and Vice Captain from our current squads who will play an active role in helping us shape the club, and to identify a Swimmer Of the Month in conjunction with the Coaches.  (This will commence end of May).

4. Photographs We are very keen to promote the club on our website in the local press and Notice Board, and to this end we would like to use a portfolio of photos of the children.  We would also on a regular basis like to place a photo of a child that has excelled themselves on our website in recognition of their achievement.  However, we do understand some parents maybe uncomfortable with this. So please speak to a member of the committee if this is the case.

5. Finances Club fees, EVERYONE should be paying their appropriate fees to BLT. If you are unsure please liaise with Maria Rudd from BLT or with a committee member, if you are not you are cheating the club and all it’s members and your child will be refused entry to the pool.

Like all amateur clubs we could all do with cutting costs and raising money, so I invite fundraising idea’s from any person which would benefit the club. Any fundraising monies raised  by members will go straight to assisting with equipment / trophies / meets etc..

The committee are also researching area’s where we could possibly save money.

We are also looking at other area’s where we believe we can improve and help the club to grow. But please do not think this is a one way street and the committee would welcome any idea’s / thoughts re improving the club.

Personally I still believe there is a certain kudos to Brentwood swimming club, from the colour of our competition hats to the talents of some of our swimmers, and the committee and I are determined in raising not only the membership numbers of Brentwood swimming club but it’s profile, but we can only do this with the support of you all.

If anyone wishes to contact me re the club, please call

07868 753 636 or email

Sorry a bit long but thanks for reading…  


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